Friday, June 12, 2009

The Poor Woman With Arthritis

Background;Everything you do at startek is tracked and recorded. Every call you make, or take. Every break you take, you enter a code in the phone to start your break and you enter a code to stop your break. A woman that sits about twenty feet away from me went for break. Her hands are like claws. She has a disability, severe arthritis. She was 32 seconds late from break and was reprimanded.Poor lady. She could be on a disability but chooses to work. They knew she had this ailment when she started and always gets reprimanded. After a call you have 30 seconds to notate the account. This woman averaged 36 seconds and again was reprimanded. She has to type with two fingers for Gods sake! At least once a week I would see this lady reprimanded for some reason or another that is beyond her control. I feel bad, I mean, I can't call human rights for her.