Friday, June 12, 2009

Why I hate Startek, An Introduction

This is probably going to take me months to tell you about all of my experiences, but that's o.k. I'll start by telling you a little but about Startek.
StarTek is a business process outsourcing company that was founded in Greeley, Colorado in 1987 as a packaging company, StarPak. Originally contracted to pack early versions of Microsoft word processors, it eventually expanded to provide customer support for the product. Currently StarTek has expanded to include 22 facilities throughout the United States, Canada, and The Philippines, including the corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado.
StarTek's main business is in providing call center support for the customer service departments of major United States telecommunication companies. StarTek's two largest customers account for 72% of the business' total revenue. In the 2007 fiscal year The New AT&T accounted for 50.4%; T-Mobile USA (a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom) 21.8%. To a lesser extent, StarTek also provides outsourcing support to companies in the banking and finance sector, consumer packaged goods/retail, information technology, and insurance. StarTek also provides customer services and technical support for such companies as Qwest, Verizon Wireless Prepay, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, Comcast, Nikon and The New AT&T.Operations
Listed are the locations of StarTek's operations, with the year the facility opened in brackets.
United States
Denver, Colorado (2000) 2 locations
Grand Junction, Colorado (1999)
Greeley, Colorado (1998) 2 locations
Grand Junction, Colorado (2000)
Decatur, Illinois (2003)
Alexandria, Louisiana (2003)
Enid, Oklahoma (2000)
Big Spring, Texas (1999) (Closed Summer 2008)
Collinsville, Virginia (2004)
Lynchburg, Virginia (2004)
Petersburg, Virginia (2005) (Closed in Winter 2008)
Laramie, Wyoming (1998)
Victoria, Texas (2008)
Mansfield, Ohio (2008)
Jonesboro, Arkansas (2008)
Canada 39% of StarTek's revenue is generated through its Canadian operations.
Regina, Saskatchewan (2003) (Closed Early 2009)
Cornwall, Ontario (2001)
Hawkesbury, Ontario (2006) (Closed Summer 2007)
Kingston, Ontario (2001) 2 locations
Sarnia, Ontario (2003)
Thunder Bay, Ontario (2006)
Makati City (2008)Pretty dry and boring stuff. I'll stop there, there is no reason to bore you any longer. Where do I fit in? I work in a call center in Canada. What do I do? I take calls and help customers with issues ranging from billing to technical issues.How long have I been there? Years...When does the fun start? I'll tell you all about my personal experiences and things that I have seen starting next blog. X2! X2? Yes my girlfriend works there too. I am a middle aged man. I met My girl friend at work. The storries that I will tell you...